RoRo Shipping

Professiionelle Transportplanung für Projekte, Sückgut, Schwerbut, mobile Maschinen und Container


M Logistik GmbH and MANN LINES LIMITED are sister companies under the umbrella of the Mann Group of Companies in Harwich!

Mann Lines operates a RoRo service between Great Britain, the Northern Continent, the Baltic States and Scandinavia with a modern and flexible vessel that enables fast and safe sea transport for a wide range of cargo.

Mann Lines organizes land transport to and from ports across Europe, by road, rail and inland waterway. There are contracts with numerous automotive, mechanical engineering and industrial companies in Europe.

The main cargo groups transported are containers, semi-trailers, mobile machinery, new cars, wood products, paper products and steel.

Mann Lines moves around 700,000 tons of cargo every year.

Mann Lines specializes in the transport of cars, vans, trucks and mobile machinery, construction and harvesting machines, as well as general cargo of all kinds from wood, paper, steel to extra-wide and extra-long heavy goods. All cargo that is not mobile is loaded onto so-called roll trailers, which, like mobile units, are pulled into the ship via the stern ramp, with a length of 12-18 meters and a width of 2.50 meters, they do have a loading capacity of approx. 80-100 tonnes.

The ship is equipped with three car decks for ca. 300 vehicles. And three decks that can accommodate up to 3000 meters of RoRo cargo. The rear ramp has a weight capacity of 240 tons. The ship has heavy-lift loading spaces and a deck height of 6.80 m on the main deck.

With these specifications, the ship is the perfect link needed for an international RoRo hub like Bremerhaven! From here we can connect the entire Baltic region with worldwide destinations and vice versa with any type of cargo.

Mann Lines serves the following ports on a round trip:

  • Bremerhaven (Germany)
  • Harwich (United Kingdom)
  • Rotterdam (Netherlands)
  • Cuxhaven (Germany)
  • Paldiski (Estonia)
  • Turku (Finland)

Mann Lines Southbound

Mann Lines Northbound

World Wide Connections via Bremerhaven

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